Exhibition & Window Display

Manan Creations & Music Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is a leading Event Management Company. We are an eminent Service provider rendering designing solutions, Fabrication and installation of Exhibition Stalls. We specializes into Stall Designing, Expo Booth Designs, Trade show Booth Designs. We create business opportunities by giving best to our clients. Our business future truly depends upon the Satisfaction of customers. We will strive to provide you efficient service along with the highest quality.

While participating in an Exhibition or in an event, it is imperative that the space available should be utilized optimally for creating maximum visual impact. A creatively handled theme, backed by a powerful communication is crucial in attracting maximum walk-ins to your stall. Along with the display, it is vital to communicate the visual representation associated with the brand and Organization. Our Strength lies in dedicated, skilled designers & craftsmen. They have in depth knowledge of the industry and are familiar with customer’s specific requirements. Being a professionally managed service provider we take the responsibility of project in compliance with client’s guidelines and also commit to complete the project within the stipulated time frame. We believe that it’s easy to make 3D designs as compared to fabricate the same thing in realistic world.

Exhibitions are meant for displaying new Brands & Products among the masses to create huge awareness. We at Manan Creations Design and Fabricate Exhibition Structures in splendid manners such as in order to create uncluttered visibility & ward off any complexity. We will provide you with state-of-the art exhibition solutions, which take the load off your mind & shoulders, literally. No need for you to cart heavy duty exhibition material as we will provide you with the complete solution, right from the modular exhibition kits, display panels, marketing collaterals and give-away. So, just give us the event dates and requirements and we would do the needful.

We provide special services for Exhibition stall fabrication, exhibition stalls designing, exhibition conceptualizing services etc.

Window Display

Window display is more than just a display of wares. It is a unique form of advertising. As stated earlier, it is the first contact point between the store and the customer. It defines the store and gives an idea of what the store is all about to the customer. It determines whether the customer will walk into the store or walk away from it. It is an effective tool to use when the image of the store needs to be changed. Window display can be used as a means to portray seasonal merchandise. Window display can convey what age group or income group of customers the store caters to.

With the rising level of economic growth in the country, the level of disposable income of the customers is rising. This has, in turn, led to tough competition among the retailers. In this cut-throat competition, those retailers win who are able to attract and sustain the attention of the customers. Unique and effective window displays play an important role in this regard. It is essential for all kinds of stores in the modern times, ranging from the smallest to the largest.

Done properly, window display can attract more customers than a hoarding or a television advertisement. Moreover, it can attract the right kind of customers. In other words, window display acts as a filter. Only those customers enter the store who have a fair idea of what products it stocks and are interested in buying them. A lot of time and energy of the salesmen is saved as they need not concentrate on customers who might not be potential buyers.

Window display makes the decision making process of the customer rather simple. Based on the window display, the customer can easily decide whether he wants to enter the store or not. Hence, window display also helps the customer by preventing unnecessary consumption of energy and time. There is no substantive evidence to indicate that window display leads to an increase in sales. However, a number of cases have been noted wherein customers have undertaken impulse buying under the influence of attractive window display.

Creativity plays a very important role in window dressing, but at the same time, business acumen is also required in order to make it effective. The window display should be designed in a way that attracts customers, rather than looking like a piece of art. The window display designer should design the window in the best way possible within the budget fixed for the same by the retailer. Retailers in developed countries spend large amounts on window displays, but Indian retailers lag behind in this respect.